Celebrating the past, building a stronger future.

The symbol we chose for Davis Realty is a clipper ship, which evokes the sea captains and ship builders who once dwelt in the stately houses along the Boston Post Road. But there is another reason why the clipper belongs with our name: it inspires the way we see today’s Davis Realty. Two hundred years ago Madison-built schooners were famous for their ability to “clip” speedily through the waves. In the 21st century we are engineering a hands-on Davis Realty to help our tenants successfully through today’s challenges, whether they operate stores or professional services, or if they need a warm, safe place to call home.

Davis Realty was founded in 1975 by longtime local residents Jack and Helen Davis. Their vision was simple: build high quality apartments right in the heart of the village, so that residents would bring new energy to shop, work, and live. Today Davis Realty is still a family-owned company. Jerry Davis is the managing partner, with brothers Russell and Stephen Davis as active partners. Jack and Helen passed in 2021 and 2019, respectively, but inspire us every day. Our portfolio has grown to include some of Madison’s beloved historic buildings, our new apartment building The Bradley, and our commercial tenants are among the shoreline’s most popular businesses.