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Shop Local. Hyper local.

Longtime tenants remember the unusual, festive items that would show up at their apartments from Davis Realty during the Christmas season. Jams, nuts, interesting sauces from around the world, and more. My dad, Jack Davis, enjoyed the challenge of finding the most original and delicious holiday gifts. But more than anything, he loved sharing these delicacies with everyone he ran into.


These days, with the internet making anything just a click away, we started to look closer to home for gifting our tenants. After all, we’re a community, and we mean it when we say “Community First.” So a few years ago we introduced what we call “Davis Dollars.” It’s a gift certificate with a twist: rather than Amazon or Starbucks or Walmart, our Davis Dollars go to local retailers who happen to be our tenants. It’s shopping local, the extreme version.


And the list of retailers has gotten longer and better each year.

Need a picture framed? Go to The Frame Shop on Wall Street!

Clothing? A’s Boutique, or Robertson Madison.

Jewelry or a great gift? Silver Moon or Willow & Birch.

Thirsty? Madison Wine Shop.

Hungry? How about Chef Paul Barron, Jia Mei, or Sea House?

You can even use them at Aria DermSpa, School of Rock, and Artistic Sign Language. Or catch a movie at Madison Art Cinemas.

This year we added a new twist to our giving. One of our tenants is a talented pastry chef who owns a business, Gateau Marche, which supplies desserts for some of our best local restaurants. We asked her to do a delicious gift for us. Take a look at her amazing work below … now THIS is what we call shopping hyper-local!


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